Buying a tax free car

Our Tax Free car prices include VAT + customs fee & initial registration inspection costs.

You are permitted to drive your car home in Finland, if arranging the following:

  • A notice of putting the car into use to tax authorities (electronic notice).

  • A transport permit. A transport permit is linked to the car. It can be bought from any car inspection company and costs 13€ + insurance which costs 12€ for the first day plus 7€ per additional day. You can also arrange your own insurance.

If you are planning to pay the tax for the car after buying it from us, please notice the following:

  • You need to submit the car tax request within 5 days after you have filed for putting the car into use.

  • The tax decision will be ready from the tax authorities after approximately 3 weeks. During the processing time you are allowed to use the car, but remember the car insurance.

  • The car tax must be paid no later than the due date. The due date is 15 days from the date of the tax decision.

  • You need to take the car to the inspection office for registration.

Note! You do not need to submit a notice of putting the car into use if you do not intend to drive the car in Finland before registration, or if you move the car with another means of transport.